Manny Marx | Music Production & Sound Design
Manny Marx is passionate about what he does and his dedication to his work as well as his commitment to the vision of those he works with truly brings the music he records to life. He is fluent in his abilities as an engineer and is more than willing to go the extra mile to get your music to sound the way you hear it in your head. He dove in and put his heart into my project, Arm’s Length, by correspondents, helping me to bring it to life when few other engineers would have been as patient and open-minded to the unorthodox approach I chose to take in recording. He believed in what I was doing as much as I did and that faith, coupled with his technical skills, made recording with him a memorable and meaningful experience. This is the guy you want on your side when you want your musical vision brought to life.

Frank Corva, Singer-songwriter

Manny is a pleasure to work with! Motivated, punctual and creative he has supplied us with music and sound effects for a variety of projects.

James Kay, Score Studios

With nothing but a time-limit and a feeling I'm trying to achieve, Manny delivers tracks that suit my work, flow, and editing style perfectly. His tunes give my videos a unique edge that my clients and YouTube viewers love.

Nayalan (Darc) Moodley, Photographer / Videographer / Designer / YouTuber

Dave Montoya
"I am a 2D & 3D artist who creates drawing videos and animations. Manny is very intuitive, conceptual and industrial in creating music that fits the various genres, moods and concepts that my art & videos encompass. He knows how to quickly compliment and accentuate work on many different levels! It's a pleasure working with him."

David Montoya

moth de la cruz
Manny and I have collaborated many times over a few decades. His perspectives and approaches to music are utterly unique and are indispensable to me as a music partner and a listener.

Moth Cruz, BULLA FEY

Manny's music has given several of our videos the additional impact they needed. Prolific, hardworking and always professional, I know I can always rely on Manny to deliver.

Philip Kendall, RocketNews24

bloodbath mcgrath
As a pro kickboxer, I rely on my entrance music to create an electric atmosphere as I head to the ring for battle. I have been lucky enough to have Manny Marx create personal tracks for me on many occasions. His songs not only pump me up for my up coming match, but also bring the crowd to their feet!

Brian "Bloodbath" McGrath, JMG North Star Gym

brent thomas
Manny Marx has such a great range to his sound. I've got his music on three of my podcasts. His sci-fi jam is good for fireside chilling and just plain fun. It all sounds great.

Brent Thomas Author / Podcaster

johnny tokyo
I had the pleasure of collaborating with Manny Marx on The Uchujins. His track production is eclectic and translated great to high energy live shows. Truly one of most unique artists I've come across.

— Johnny Jones