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Hello! I'm Manny Marx and I'm a creator; be it this website or the desk I'm sitting at, I have a need to create. What I really like creating is music, though. Whether it be a musical collaboration or crafting music and sounds from someone else's vision, I love it. In fact, I'd say I'm pretty good at it too. But hey, don't take my word for it, check out what people whom I have worked with have to say.

What I can do

*but not limited to

Music Production

a soft lullaby, an action-packed chase scene, or a forest in a lost kingdom shrouded in darkness,

I'll write it.

Sound Design

clicks, presses, swipes, footsteps, busy streets, or an intergalactic being from the depths of the crab nebula,

I'll make it.


songwriting, beat making, remixing, and sampling. Also playing the role as voice actor or as a session musician,

I got you.

Entertainment Media

with copious amounts of time participating in all forms of media from podcasts to video games (my favorite of the bunch). If there is a sound to be made for them,

I'll craft it.

How the process all goes down

First, contact me at the bottom of the page and I'll get back to you promptly. From there we set-up our first meeting via Skype, Google Hangouts, phone, face-to-face, or just stick to email - whatever you prefer. If possible, be ready to provide a few reference materials (audio, visual, etc.) to help with my research and creation process. Soon after, I'll provide you with a demo (free of charge) and we can take it from there. If you have any questions please contact me.

Here are some projects I have been a part of

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Contact Me

Questions? Comments? Don't hesitate to drop me a line!